Add MediaThe “Boyfriend Effect”: How the “Timothee Effect” Influenced Kylie Jenner’s Wardrobe

What led the “hot mom” Kylie Jenner to initiate a revival of her fashion era? The answer can only be the “Timothee effect.”

The wardrobes and fashion styles of celebrities are always hot topics for fashion enthusiasts, especially for influential figures like Kylie Jenner. Even a minor change can become a buzzing topic in the fashion-loving community. After surprising fans with a series of romantic photos with “Hollywood sweetheart” Timothee Chalamet, it didn’t take long for people to notice a significant transformation in Kylie Jenner’s fashion and makeup style.

Known for always appearing in bold, revealing outfits that showcase her otherworldly, alluring curves, “seductive” and “hot” seem to be the keywords associated with the billionaire mom Kylie Jenner whenever she makes an appearance. However, in recent months, fashion enthusiasts may easily recognize that the business mogul is in the process of revamping her wardrobe with a series of minimalistic outfits featuring the classic black and white tones. The iconic baby tee paired with dynamic mini skirts is gradually making way for body-hugging dress designs.

Let’s explore how the power of love has sparked a transformation in Kylie Jenner’s alluring wardrobe in recent times, courtesy of Style-Republik!

“Old Money” Style: Is it Timothee’s Taste?

If you’ve been around the fashion industry long enough, you might know that Kylie Jenner is famously associated with the Jean Paul Gaultier brand – a renowned fashion house known for its alluring, figure-hugging designs. However, at present, the billionaire’s wardrobe seems to have undergone a significant change. From vibrant patterns and distinctive trompe l’oeil motifs, her fashion choices now lean towards monochromatic outfits with neutral tones.

Yet, after Jean Paul Gaultier’s fashion show in Paris in January 2023, Kylie Jenner left the fashion enthusiasts in awe as she decided to rebrand her signature seductive and bold style. It was around the same time that rumors of her romance with Timothee Chalamet surfaced, becoming a hot topic among fans. This led the fashion community to question whether Kylie was under the influence of the “Timothee effect.”

After a period of keeping their romantic relationship low-key, the businesswoman and Hollywood heartthrob decided to publicly share their love with affectionate photos taken at a Beyoncé concert. Fans now have a clearer understanding of why the billionaire chose to make a 180-degree turn in her seductive wardrobe, opting for sweet and feminine ensembles that sometimes exude a romantic vibe. The excessively revealing and daring outfits have been replaced by more modest and refined designs.

“The Timothee Effect” and Kylie Jenner’s Full Feminine Wardrobe

It seems that the sweet taste of love with Timothee has enchanted Kylie with a preference for minimalism and sophistication. No longer the provocative and alluring designs, modest, elegant, and refined outfits are now Kylie’s top choice. No one can deny that the romantic affair with the Hollywood heartthrob has breathed new life into the 25-year-old businesswoman—a breath of fresh air filled with vitality and romance. The most vivid proof is the clear reshaping of her image and personal style towards a sweeter, feminine, and still alluring Kylie.

Additionally, fashion enthusiasts speculate that Kylie seems to be drawn to the “quiet luxury” trend endorsed by A-list Hollywood stars. Blazers or blazer suits remain essential in the young entrepreneur’s wardrobe. Sometimes, it’s an oversized blazer thrown over a white T-shirt and jeans for important appointments, and at other times, it’s a monochromatic blazer suit for a more formal event. The flowy-sleeved floral dress from Dôen’s Stanza exuding a countryside vibe is a perfect choice for casual outings.

Kylie has also taken a step back from vibrant and eye-catching color palettes to embrace the simplicity of the classic trio: black, white, and beige, making them the “IT-palette” and staying ahead of this year’s trends. Accessories have also been minimized by the billionaire: a Miu Miu canvas bag with colorful stripes, metallic ballet flats, military-patterned hats as statement pieces for simple outfits, or edgy silver earrings—all maintaining the distinctive “Kylie Jenner” vibe.

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